PlayStates is an exciting new trump-style game that tests your knowledge of U.S. States by challenging you to select your State's best statistic to win electoral votes. You need to be the first to 270 or more electoral votes to win the game and be elected the President of the United States of America.

Register an account in under 30 seconds to add your own images and represent your State. Registered users can also play multiplayer.

Enjoy the game and please refer this game to your family and friends.

Did you know PlayStates is available as a hard-copy Card game? Click here for more information.

Game Credits

PlayStates concept is a patent protected game marketed by Winning Games. All Rights Reserved.

To contact Winning Games, email poet-warrior, visit or use the form below.

PO Box 396 Coogee NSW 2034 Australia

Developed by Simon Lang on behalf or Winning Games in Australia

Disclaimer: If you think any information is incorrect, or encounter any technical difficulties with the game, please use the contact form to notify us and we will correct it as soon as possible.

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